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Telling a woman to smile might feel like harmless flirting, but a demand to smile is actually an exertion of power. “Give me a smile” implies that a woman is not only unequal, but worse, that she’s just an object existing to please others. While asking for a smile may seem insignificant, it's daily gender microaggressions that amount to sexism presenting itself in very big, tangible ways.

The Sexism of Telling Women to Smile
The Atlantic, Rosa Inocencio Smith

The Tyranny of the Smile
Slate, Katy Waldman

It’s Important For Men to Understand That They Need To Stop Telling Women to Smile
Huffington Post, Erika Hardison

Why Telling a Woman to ‘Smile’ Makes Her Want to Scream
NPR, Malaka Gharib

Men, Please Stop Telling Women to Smile
Chelsea, Chelsea Handler

Stop Telling Women to Smile
Artist Seies by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

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